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Co-marketing Activities

Co-marketing Activities if done correctly are not prohibited by Section 8.

These may include:

  • Desk rentals
  • Open house flyers
  • Training sessions with refreshments
  • Direct mailing
  • Or other joint marketing activities

To be compliant, the company has to value the product/services provided and allocate the expenses between the Parties. There has to be included a process by which the parties can verify that the products/services were provided as well as payment made.

Here are some suggestions:

Should do or include the following:

  • Allocate marketing expenses between the parties.
  • Ensure that payment for the services has been received.
  • Obtain a third party audit.
  • Retain copies and proof.

Should not do or include the following:

  • Do not provide anything for FREE.
  • Do not inflate cost of marketing expenses.
  • Do not base the expenses on the business received.